Frequently Asked Questions…


How much does it cost?

Our minimum charge for quilting services is $60. We do not charge extra for thread, batting, most designs, or return shipping on orders over $150. Dense premium or downloadable designs (link to design page) range between $5-15. If there are “unexpected surprises” (see Q4 below: ‘Can I be charged for more later?), then our rate to fix is $40/hour. Our base price is 2.75 cents per square inch for thread (any color) and 3.25 cents per square inch for couching with yarn. This will automatically be calculated for you as you place your order. You will love a couched quilt.

What is your current turnaround time?

Current turnaround time varies depending on the size, design, and type of quilting used (thread or couched with yarn). Typical turnaround times for baby and lap quilts are less than 2 weeks. Larger quilts or quilts that may need to be modified to prepare for machine quilting may take up to one month. We will contact you should we anticipate needing more time. If you need a quilt to be expedited, please text or call us at 208-890-0455, or email:

How do I order? Can I just call you?

Although we prefer that all ordering is done through the easy ordering process, feel free to text or call us at 208-890-0455, or email if you have any questions. During the order process, you will be asked a series of questions about your quilt – measurements, design choice, thread, and batting preferences, etc. When you are finished choosing your options, a shipping and payment screen will complete your order.

Can I be charged for more later? Are there any unexpected charges?

Most people don’t like unexpected surprises, especially us!  We want this experience to be ‘seamless’ (pun intended) for all of us.   Below are some issues that may add to the cost.  We charge a flat $40 / hour to fix these issues.  We will contact you to discuss your quilt should we run into any of these unexpected surprises during the inspection.  We will send you an invoice through Square before continuing the quilting process.   See also our video “Unexpected Surprises”

Pressing.  We understand wrinkles and creases may happen during shipping and we will steam those out at no cost.  However, if your seams haven’t been pressed or if it is just wadded it up (heaven forbid!), there is an extra cost. 

Backing.  Backing not sufficiently larger than the top (remember to have 4 inches extra on all sides).  For example, if your quilt top is 80 x 80, then your backing should be 88 x 88.  We will be happy to add solid, closely matched fabric to your backing without taking the quilt off the machine if you choose to use our backing.  If you want to send in more of your own fabric for backing, we will need to re-mount the quilt when we receive it.  

Quilt remount. Issues arising that cause us to take off and re-mount the quilt. This can be due to seams coming apart, backing not sufficiently large enough, etc. See also our video “Squaring Your Quilt”

Stay stitch.  If you have a quilt without borders and a lot of piecing, it can pull apart at the seams while loading.  We recommend a stay stitch around the edges (¼” from the edges) to prevent this from happening. Once you bind it, that stitch will be hidden.  We would be happy to stay stitch for you if necessary. 

I have a problem with my order. What do I do?

You can always contact us through the following:

  2. Text/Phone:  208-890-0455
  3. Contact form
What happens if my quilt is rejected during the inspection?

Fortunately, it is a rare occasion for a quilt to be rejected during our inspection process.  Some reasons may include:

-Potentially weak stitching in the quilt that has the potential to separate if we machine quilt it

-We love vintage quilts, but some are just too fragile

If a quilt doesn’t pass inspection, we will contact you about the best way to resolve this.  If there just isn’t any way we can quilt your masterpiece, return shipping is free.


How does shipping work?

There are two shipments – the first is to us (outbound) and from us to you (return shipping). 

Outbound shipping. After the checkout process, you will receive a confirmation email with your packing slip attached in PDF format, which contains your order number and information about your quilt(s). Then, place in your box the following:

1. Your quilt(s)
2. Your backing
3. Your packing slip. 

If you have multiple quilts, please fold your backing and top together. Please attach a note to each quilt that indicates the design and size of each quilt top, so we can ensure we use the correct instructions for each quilt. Please also put the top and backing of each separate quilt in its own bag or tie them with a ribbon, so that we don’t accidentally mix up backings and tops.

We also recommend wrapping the quilt(s) in plastic to keep them safe. We will do the same upon return.

Return shipping. All orders over $150 qualify for free return shipping through UPS Ground. If under $150, then the return shipping is a flat $10. If you require faster shipping, let us know and we will email you an invoice for the expedited shipping cost.

Can I drop it off or is it ship only?

If you are lucky enough to live in or around the Boise, ID area, and you would like to drop off your quilts, please text or call 208-890-0455 or email regarding a time that you can deliver it to us personally. Our address is: 1335 S. School St. Kuna, ID 83634. We look forward to visiting with fellow quilters! We do not have a storefront, so it’s best to contact us first.


Choosing your options

What is “edge to edge” (E2E) quilting?

E2E is one continuous design that goes from one edge of the quilt to the other.  We can do this with thread or chenille yarn. 

What options should I choose?

As you go through the order form, we will help you through the process by providing helpful tips and short videos.  You always have the option to choose “quilter’s choice” and we will let our fabric artists enhance your quilt to its full potential.  We love to quilt!

Do you offer binding?

Yes! We’d love to bind your quilt! Binding is a flat $45, regardless of the size of the quilt.

Do you offer custom quilting?

Unfortunately, we do not offer custom or heirloom quilting. Custom art quilts and T-shirt quilts may be an option on a case-by-case basis. Costs can vary and range from $15-45/hour depending on your scope and preferences. Feel free to text or call 208-890-0455 or email to inquire further about these services. 

What if you don’t offer a design I want?

There are websites where you can download designs in all sorts of formats.  We like to use,,, among many others.  The design needs to be in “hqf format”.  During the ordering process, please copy and paste the link of the design and we will download and use it for you on your quilt.  This is an additional $15.  As it is a copyright issue, you will not be able to email us the design file if you download it yourself. 

Art Quilt Education

What is ‘Art Quilting’ and why do it? Who is Amy?

To enhance creativity. To really customize your quilt. To be more artistic and not just follow a pattern but create your own rules.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn about these techniques.  We also are on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Also, check out our blog along with her constantly updated art gallery page.

To learn more about Amy’s story, check out her blog post about finding her voice in addition to her bio.

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