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  • I'm not the only one, right? 😆 From partly assembled quilt tops to abandoned art quilts, there is always some older project feeling left out as I venture out on a new idea. (Whoops!) How many un-done projects are you hiding? #experiencethequilt #quiltingtips #quiltlove #quiltingfun #quiltersgonnaquilt #art-quilt #textileartist #quiltingaddict #machinequilting #quilting #quilt #quilter #laughoftheday #laughoften
  • Learn how to add bubbles and wrinkles in fabric to add texture and dimension to your quilt or sewing project! Supplies needed: Supplies needed: 1. Ironing Board and iron 2. Spray bottle 3. Fabric 4. Pencil 5. Cooling Rack 6. Mid Weight Fusible Interfacing #fabrictechniques #sewingtips #quiltingtechniques #artquilts #fabricbubbles #texturedfabrics #learntosew #uniquequilts #funwithfabric #sewingeducation #learntoquil
  • @experiencethequilt posted to Instagram: This beauty was rescued from an antique store by my mother-in-law. I was able to quilt the layered circles on it which I feel adds just the perfect amount of contrast to all the straight lines. I love thinking about the life this quilt had before us, and the hands that pieced it together. #IGquiltfest2021day9 #igquiltfest2021 #quiltersofinstagram #quiltsofinstagram #longarmquilting #handiquilter #quiltingismytherapy #experiencethequilt #textileartists
  • @experiencethequilt posted to Instagram: #IGQuiltfest2021day5 has us contemplating today...I love to ponder on what makes us choose a quilt over a blanket? I have a quilt that my mom made me when I was young. It doesn’t have a lot of piecing to it. It was tied not quilted. But the smell of that is trapped in that quilt...the soft feel of the very worn flannel...there is nothing better in this world! 🧡 It’s no question that the love, time, and care that go into finding a pattern
  • A charity quilt for Linus Project. I used a light purple Superior Omni thread. The design quilted edge to edge is Feather Delight. I think it really softens the pattern. Check out our website for easy ordering to finish your quilt! #longarmquilting #charity #quilting #quilt #purple #idahoboutique #quiltingfromeveryangle #superior #thread #feathers #quiltingismytherapy
  • This is a charity quilt for the Linus Project. I actually piced it 17 years ago. I decided it was better used than sitting in my closet! Quilted flower swirl from Deb Geissler designs. #quilts #longarmquilting #linusproject #charity #quilting #flowers #quiltblockideas #babyquilt
  • A beautiful baby quilt couched with soft chenille yarn. Do you have a special little one you need a gift for? Check us out! #experiencethequilt #couching #chenille #quilting #daisies #e2equilting #babyquilt
  • This beautiful customer quilt has apple blossoms everywhere. Its perfect for an edge to edge design.
  • The design on this customer quilt really doesn’t show because of the busy-ness of the fabrics. Its really very pretty though.
  • This customer Quilt was so fun to finish. I love the colors and we chose a light green to bring out the teal color in the fabric but really show off the stitching. A customer wanted a floral design so we picked Flower Swirl.
  • This quilt pattern is called Single Sisters, and the quilting desgin is called Daisy Square. I picked this small design would give it fun detail and still draw your eye to the pattern. I love the squarishness of the Dasies complimenting the squarishness of the cirlces! This fun summer quilt was one of the largest quilts we've made! We use longarm quliting machines to stitch the design you want to the pattern you adore!
  • We’re cooling down the summer with this custom tonal journal cover! Featuring a classic couching project in the back 🌸   #couching #quilting #quilt #summervibes #cooltones #cool #custom #diy #diyprojects #localbusiness #smallbusiness #inspiration
  • All done with this fireworks quilt for a client! The navy and circles complement the main design 🎆  #quilt #quilting #couching #summer #backyard #client #smallbussiness #localbusiness #iowa #lily #fireworks
  • I adore this quilt with it's playful patches of playing children, circus animals, meraids, elephants, pinwheels even sail boats! These patches were chose by a 9 year old and we got to quilt it with this Feather Delight design. We joy in making the quilt of your dreams come true. From baby to birthday to Christmas and Holiday presents, we sending these quilts from our home to yours.    Come to our website and see more quilt designs that we have for you to choose from!
  • I just adore this sweet baby quilt! A 9 year old patched it and we quilted it with this Feather Delight design. She chose such delightful fabric!  From soft baby blankets, to cozy Christmas presents we love to help make your quilting dreams come true! Come to our website to see more designs we offer. Sign up for our email and you'll recieve 15% off your first order and a free pattern.
  • We are so happy that Christmas is coming! From the warmth of hot chocolate with the kids by the fire in our  wood stove here on the farm, to the joy of making Christmas quilts as presents for your loved ones, we are looking forward to the season of cheer! Follow the link to our website where we are offering this pillow cover pattern for free when you subscribe! Sign up for our email and you'll recieve 15% off your first order.
  • Imagine a cozy fall day cuddled a soft quilt. We love quilting and photopgraping our blankets on our family homestead with its rustic barns and gorgeous trees. Our family came to Idaho during the Great Depression giving us hope and reminding us we can weather the storm. We hope our quilts will bring a little light and comfort into your homes as well. Come to our website to see more designs we offer. Sign up for our email and you'll recieve 15% off your first order and a free pattern.
  • This quilt pattern is called Single Ladies. It’s a twist on the double wedding ring. Isnt that funny? I think the daisy square quilt design mimics the square rings & the small size really stands out at the same tine emphasizes the pattern of the block.
  • The little tiny blue spots in this quilt reminded me of stars so we quilted stars. I love the big blue pinwheel type blocks that make this quilt stand out. The client wanted the stitching to pop so we used blue thread.
  • A great panel quilt with fantastic borders. Very masculine feel so we add a geometric design woth lots of angles to match all the triangles.
  • I love how this design gave a feeling of wind on this digital panel print.
  • Clamshells!  #handiquilter #quilting #quilt #hqfusion #hqprostitcher #longarmquilting #longarmquiltingservices #experiencethequilt #fabric #quiltersofinstagram #experiencethequilt
  • Modern quilts are not my thing when it comes to piecing but I love quilting them! I think this one is so fun! #the_clark_collective  #handiquilter #quilting #quilt #hqfusion #hqprostitcher #longarmquilting #longarmquiltingservices #experiencethequilt #fabric #quiltersofinstagram
  • Circles
  • Leaves but it feels like a Valentines quilt. Love these colors! Taught my friend how to use the #prostitcher today. She’s getting so great!  #handiquilter #quilting #quilt #hqfusion #hqprostitcher #longarmquilting #longarmquiltingservices #experiencethequilt #fabric #quiltersofinstagram #experiencethequilt


“I just love the way Amy has quilted my quilts. She has done large quilts and baby quilts for me. And I have always been happy.”

- Donna

from Rexburg, ID

“Amy is great!  She is easy to work with.  Each of the 3 quilts she did for me turned out fabulous!  I plan to use her quilting service again for future quilts.  Thanks Amy!”

- Jennifer

from Meridian, ID

“Amy did a vintage quilt for me. I had bought the top and she put it together and quilted it with her machine and it still had the vintage quality to it. I absolutely LOVE it!”

- Annette

from Spokane, WA

“Amy did a beautiful job with our quilts.  They were done in a timely manner and turned out so beautiful.  Amy was easy and enjoyable to work with and had the knowledge and expertise to help us know what was best for our projects. We are so happy with her work!  Thank you again!!!”

- Rachelle

from Middleton, ID

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