Here at Experience the Quilt, we take pride in finishing quilts with love, detail, and a little bit of flair. It’s the icing on the cake! We know that your quilt is precious beyond measure. It’s taken your thoughts, time, and money to piece together your quilt top. But where do you go from here? If you don’t have a longarm quilter near you, you may opt to hand quilt or quilt on your domestic machine. Both of these time-consuming options could cause you a lot of heartaches–especially if you are wanting to gift your quilt soon.

Enter the quilt professionals!

Our quilting finishing services are powered by decades of experience quilting all types of quilts. While we are local to the Treasure Valley area of Idaho, we proudly serve quilters nationwide as a safe, trustworthy option for quilt finishing services.

The Pros of Finishing Your Quilt Professionally

Why choose to have your quilt finished by someone else?

  • Get expert advice on quilt finishes like thread, design, and binding
  • Save time. Our turnover times are usually less than two weeks!
  • Spend more time designing, piecing, and sewing your next quilted creation
  • Guaranteed longevity for your quilt
  • More options and variety than hand quilting or sewing on a domestic machine
  • Create larger quilts. Our machine fits up to king-sized quilts.

Longarm quilt finishing services near Boise, Idaho

Why Choose Longarm Quilting?

Longarm machines are able to finish quilts of nearly all sizes. From the tiniest baby quilt to king-sized beauties, we can get your quilt finished! The advantage of longarm quilting is that we can choose a continuous design that flows seamlessly across your entire quilt. Hand quilting is a painstakingly tedious process for projects any larger than a placemat and domestic machines are also limited by size and capabilities for your quilting needs.

Longarm machines are not a purchase anyone should take lightly. They take up a large amount of space and there is a large learning curve to utilizing the software and the mechanical parts of a longarm machine. Opting to have a trusted professional finish your quilts is far and away the better option than investing in a longarm machine yourself.

What is edge-to-edge (E2E) quilting?

Edge-to-edge quilting is choosing to finish your quilt with one continuous design across the entire quilt. This adds to the fluidity of your quilt’s overall design and is a simpler, faster option than custom quilting. When you use edge-to-edge quilting, you’ll find that the quilt design flows seamlessly up to the edge of your quilt. You can also choose the size of the design (or just ask a pro!)

Quilt finished with stars and metallic thread at a quilt shop near Boise, Idaho

We have the unique option to finish your quilt with chenille yarn. This is known as couching. It gives your quilt dimension and added coziness. This is a one-of-a-kind service that most quilters do not offer. We love the beauty and fun that adds to the simplest quilts. It’s a wonderful option for baby quilts and holiday quilts. You can choose any of our quilting designs with chenille yarn. If you have more questions about couching your quilt, please let us know.

Squaring Your Backing

Even if you think you have enough fabric for your backing, you want to make sure that it is entirely square. We don’t want to be finishing your quilt only to run out of backing partway through! Check out our tutorial on how to properly square your backing–even if it’s a king-sized quilt!

Choosing a Quilting Design

There are different thoughts and elements than go into choosing a quilting design. We offer dozens of designs for finishing your quilt. You can view them all here. You can always select “Quilter’s Choice” and we can choose the design for you. When choosing a quilting design, you should take into account the nature of your quilting pattern. A simpler pattern can benefit from a more ornate quilting design, while you could choose a simpler design on a quilt where you’d like the piecing to shine through. You could also consider doing a wavy pattern against a very geometric quilt to contrast and show the details. Want more help decided? Check out our YouTube video on how to decide!

When it comes down to it, however, there is no wrong choice in selecting a quilting design! Quilts are delightfully unique to their creators and that is what makes them so wonderful.

Quilting lay on the grass near Boise, Idaho


Unique Quilt Finishing Options

We’ve said it once, and we will say it again…you must try couching! Couching a quilt is one of the most unique finishes around–that requires ZERO work on your part. We are even starting to see couching techniques on high-end bedspreads and blankets. This tried-and-true technique provides dimension and warmth to your quilts. Couching is a wonderful choice for finishing quilts that are simpler designs or scrap quilts that need a little extra frosting on top.

Just imagine cute little baby fingers playing with the fluffy yarn while they wiggle and roll on their new quilt. 🙂 Or cozy up every Christmas holiday with a warm, cozy, couched quilt. To see a quilt couching in action, check out this video here. Watch Us Couch Quilts!

A quilt finished with yarn, called couching, available near Boise, Idaho Valentine's Day with couching.

How to Order Your Quilt Finishing Services

Our goal at Experience the Quilt is to provide quilt finishing services that a quick and easy. Quick to order and quick to receive. We like to make this process as easy as possible for you. Visit our interactive ordering page to see all your ordering options or to get a quote for your quilt. There is a discount for first-time quilt orders when you sign up for our newsletter. Just visit our homepage to subscribe!

Where to Learn More About Quilting and Quilting Finishing

Our founder, Amy, is a born teacher. She loves to teach as much as she loves to create. You’ll find a variety of quilter’s education videos on our YouTube channel–on everything from traditional quilting to unique quilting techniques for art quilting (one of our favorites!) If you are local to the Boise, Idaho area, you can stay in touch via our newsletter for in-person opportunities to learn and grow your quilter’s community of friends at our Kuna, Idaho location.

So whether you live near or far, Experience the Quilt wants to make your quilting process fun and easy. Our trusted quilters work hard to make the finishing process the least stressful of your quilting journey. The quicker we can get that quilt back in your hands the sooner you’ll be able to experience the quilt. 

Want to stay connected? You’ll find us on Facebook and Instagram. We’d be so happy if you tagged us once your completed treasures find their way home. Not to mention that we love to cheer you on in life and in quilting. So don’t hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you all the best,

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Amy & the team at Experience the Quilt

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