Starting a baby gift for a sweet cousin about to have her first baby.  She had told me she was decorating in purple, which happens to be my favorite color, so I was so excited to make her a beautiful purple quilt. I found four purple batiks and some soft purple cuddle (or minky) fabric for the back.  I had decided that I wanted to couch some velvet yarn, I found at Joann Fabrics, so I knew I needed to make the design pretty basic.

When couching it pretty much takes over the design cause it stands out so much.  Especially if you use a thicker yarn like a size 4 or above. My velvet yarn was a size 5.  

Start by ironing the fabric. I love using Best Press when I iron. It is a clear starch alternative that gives your fabric a little bit of body and helps keep those points nice and straight but won’t shrink your fabric.

Cut 8 1/2” strips from each of the four purple fabrics. Turn those strips and cut them into 8 1/2” squares. I wanted my squares to be 8” finished so I added 1/2”  for my ¼” seam allowances.

Lay out the blocks into a pleasing design. Mine were just random.  Sew together.

Put the quilt on a long arm with the couching foot on. Handiquilter offers three different sizes in one kit.  I used the pink (2mm) size foot for my size 4 velvet yarn. When couching with Bernat blanket (chenille) yarn that is size 6 I use the yellow (3mm) foot.  Be very careful with the velvet yarn. It’s kind of like a pipe cleaner, in that it has a very tiny core and the fuzz sticks straight out from the core so there isn’t a lot of stability. It really is better for a wall quilt that won’t be touched as much.  I discovered this after I couched two quilts. I like the Bernat Blanket yarn so much better for a quilt that will be used a lot. It has a much larger core, almost like a rolled fabric so the thread really tacks it down and it’s quite strong.